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Boyer Oil Service strives to provide the highest quality products, with the best customer service in the area.
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For more than 67 years we have provided fuel services with honesty, trust and transparency

Started by David Boyer in 1952, now owned by Wayne Boyer, working with his son Brent Boyer as the main delivery person. We have been a local business for 67 years. Delivering heating oil, kerosene, and off road diesel to Bloomsburg and surrounding areas, as well as service work to their loyal customers.

Boyer Oil Service was founded on a few simple values: commitment to customers, quality workmanship and continual learning. Those values continue to be our mission today. Our number one goal is to satisfy you by delivering top quality, clean heating oils.

Wayne Boyer | Owner
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Our fuel types include the following to help make your life warmer

Fuel oil

The most common type of oil used for heating homes and businesses


Has a lower gelling point than fuel oil. Used in outdoor tanks to help prevent gelling. Cleaner burning


A mixture of fuel oil and kerosene used to help control gelling in outdoor tanks and burns cleaner than fuel oil

off-road deisel

Ultra low sulfur used for off road and construction equipment only


Make this house the next home for you and your family the only thing you need to do is to reach out

service area

Our service area forms around Bloomsburg, Berwick, Benton, Catawissa, Danville, and Orangeville.

Service area map
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loyal customer

“Very reliable company, always competitive pricing!!”

Donna romig | facebook review
our loyal customers

“I want to say how pleased we were with the service from Boyer Oil. Always on time, always fair, always friendly,
Once my intake was plugged and Mr Boyer came out and dug up the pipe, cleaned it out and filled the tank. He never charged me for his labor. I thought it was classy.
I would recommend them anytime.”

John Baird | google reviews
our happy customers

“Boyer service, over the past 10 years, has been exceptional.....very courteous delivery people, generally deliver the next day (or 2 days at the most).”

carl johnson | google reviews

Covering from the most basic services to the most desired one, we have it all

automatic delivery

Automatic delivery is a service we can provide to customers to help keep you from running out of oil when you need it the most

Fuel Additive

Heating oil performance additive for outside tanks, that will enhance the all-around performance and helps protect your heating system.

Payment plans

Let’s face it, getting that bill for a big delivery is not fun. At Boyer Oil we understand and can ease the pain with our payment plan. We would be happy to discuss this in more detail.


Parts for..

smart adapter

Not only a great deal but a safe investment

service work

Limited customer availability. Repair and cleanings

new service

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You have question we have answers

How do I sign up for service?

If you would like to sign up for new service then head on over to our new service sign up page. Thanks for your business!!

Are there any special payment programs?

We offer a monthly payment plan. The plan typically begins in May with monthly payments figured by previous heating season usage. An effort is made to have the account balanced to zero by the end of the heating season. Contact us for more information.

Heat is one of our most essential resources that we need. No one should be cold for long. If you need additional assistance in paying your heating bills, please visit our Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) page, or get in touch directly with the Low Income Energy Assistance Program. They can help!

What are your prices?

Our prices are listed on the prices page. **Prices subject to change and may not be an accurate listing on the pricing page** Please call us for to most up to date pricing information.

What is automatic delivery and how does it work?

Automatic delivery is a service we can provide to customers to help keep you from running out of oil when you need it the most. As an automatic delivery customer, we use degree days to monitor your usage, so you don’t have to. Our calculations are based on three factors.

*Tank must be filled at each delivery

  • Heating Degree Day (HDD): This is a measurement that reflects how much energy is needed to heat a building based on the outside air temperature. The Degree Day will accumulate daily, therefore our estimation of the number of days that can lapse between your deliveries will also change daily. This is a moving target, but it works really well!
  • Past usage and tank size: We also use data from previous deliveries and gallons received to determine customer usage habits. For example, someone who works from home all day, will have different usage than someone who leaves the thermostat at a lower temperature while they are gone for the day.
  • Insulation and efficiency: Every house is different. Older homes with less insulation and inefficient furnaces will use more fuel than a neighbor with a new house and updated equipment.

Is there a benefit to automatic delivery?

Automatic delivery is a service we can provide to customers to help keep you from running out of oil when you need it the most . As an automatic delivery customer, we use an algorithm to monitor your usage so you don't have to.

How do I read my invoice?

Need to figure out your Cash price vs Credit price? For the CASH PRICE (check or money order) you will need to take the total gallons multiplied by 0.10 = your cash discount. For the CREDIT CARD PRICE you will need to take the total gallons multiplied by 0.05 = your credit card discount.
125 x 0.10 = 12.50
125 x .05 = 6.25


Do we offer gift certificates?

Yes, we have gift certificates available at our office.

What is your service area?

The general service areas of Bloomsburg, Danville, Catawissa, Benton, Orangville, and Berwick areas. View map here.

What does the fuel additive do?

Heating oil performance additive, enhances all-around performance and helps protect your heating system against expensive breakdowns. Helps prevent the fuel and lines form gelling in freezing conditions in outdoor tanks. Heating oil treatment will totally disperses water, improves combustion, cleans fuel system, inhibits corrosion, stabilizes fuel, controls microbial slime, and dissolves sludge.

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1311 Old Berwick Rd Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

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We are at the corner of Old Berwick Road and Bridge Street. Please use rear steps.